Thursday, May 18, 2017

Only Jumpsuits

It's been a busy week and busy weekend with Mother's Day celebration, going to some of my favorite places. Our weather still cannot quite decide whether it should finally become warm and sunny or stay cold and rainy for just a little longer, which makes it tricky to choose what to wear. So in the end I took it easy and wore jumpsuits. One is old and has appeared on the blog numerous times, but this time in a new combination (photo in a garden), and the other one was purchased earlier in Spring and waited for just the right occasion. That occasion happened to be the season finale at Symphony Tacoma, with the world premier piece Fire Mountain by Daniel Ott. If you are interested in learning a little about this unique event, HERE is a review by John Falskow which I find quite profound. 

I started falling in love with classical music during my university years. We were lucky to have professor Lozinsky (in Russian HERE), a born storyteller, as our music guide teaching us both history of Western and Russian classical music for two years. Siberian State Symphony Orchestra (in Russian HERE) was lead by a wonderful conductor Ivan Shpiller for almost 20 years, and as students we had free pass and were able to listen to live concerts weekly, on Friday nights. I used my pass often, and am grateful for such a unique opportunity in my life. It helped me developing an interest in and taste for good music, and while I am not an expert by any stretch, music touches me deeply, and I am able to appreciate a good concert. So now I am thankful to Sarah Ioannides, Symphony Tacoma conductor and artistic director, for bringing my musical education to a completely new level. By introducing fresh ideas and contemporary talents along with old masters, she widens our outlook not only on music, but on the world and life itself. 
(I wrote about some of the concerts in the past HERE and HERE.)

I am not a fan of LBD (little black dresses), but for some reason LBJ (little black jumpsuits) work just fine for me. I didn't think I needed another jumpsuit, but this one by eShakti (customized clothing company) won over my heart. I believe that bare shoulders is a trend every woman, no matter her age or size or anything really, should try - thank goodness there are plenty of options these days. I guarantee you will feel sexy without being overly exposed. It is perhaps the most classy decollete there is! The long extra wide legs of this jumpsuit add to the classy appearance. Add a couple of statement jewelry pieces to your outfit, and voila - easy, just as I said! 

The photos above are of Pantages Theater (1916) where the concert took place. Isn't it the most elegant fire escape you've seen? It resembles a gigantic music instrument, doesn't it? Which is more than appropriate for the building. The theater is located in the Old Town Hall historic district of Tacoma with beautiful architecture, like the Old Bostwick Hotel built in 1889 which you can see in the photo below.

The next day, Sunday, was a rainy one, but I wanted to spend it in a garden. So we dressed accordingly - as you can see, I had another jumpsuit on, and a tapestry trench which you've seen recently HERE, plus running shoes for all day walking. The combination was rather unexpected for me, but I loved it. Stripes and floral is a standard mix for Spring you say? But not this one - not too standard I'm afraid. We visited Lakewold Gardens, one of the most elegant gardens with a European feel to it, but in a very Northwestern setting, surrounded by tall trees on the lake shore (the whole area was known to the European settlers as Lake District back in the day). If you'd like to see more photos of this magnificent garden, take a look while listening to Chopin in my old post HERE.


There were a few exhibitions and shows as a part of May Festival, and just before closing I had a chance to buy some vintage jewelry - not very old, mostly from the 1980-1990s or even newer secondhand pieces for very reasonable prices. But the pendant I'm wearing here is an earlier find - a couple of weeks ago I stepped into a thrift store and found some lovely shell necklaces for Summer, and then I saw this gorgeous Chinese cloisonne jewelry set, the pendant that you see on me and matching earrings. I know I will be wearing it often!


Justin and I got rained on (only after a while Justin brought our umbrellas from the car), but it was even romantic, as the raining garden was rather quiet, with not many visitors even on Mother's Day. We waited in the tea house from where you can see the pool and the main house. Justin was taking pictures with his camera, and I with my phone, so what you see here is really a mix of images from both of us.

After all, we went to a book store to have a cup of coffee in their cafe and browse for books of course. Each of us got a journal which happens a lot to writers - we invest into books that we are going to write. It was a lovely weekend and a lovely Mother's Day, and it ended with a card from Anya, a letter really, that she wrote in Russian knowing that it would make me extra happy. Do you know what she said among other wonderful things? 
That I inspire her! Now, that is what I call precious.

Black jumpsuit - eShakti
Glass earrings - old Chico's
Bracelet c/o Chaos NY (old)
Purse - via TJ MAXX, forget the brand
I wore my high heel Aquatalia suede booties instead of pumps

Tapestry print jumpsuit - old ASOS Curve
Tapestry trench - Elvi
Running shoes - via Nordstrom Rack
Cloisonné pendant - vintage, thrifted

* * *


  1. Natalia you look soo fabulous in jumpsuits, I can understand you love them :) You look stunning in this little black jumpsuit. Perfect for an evening in concert or theater.
    Big hug and much love, Tina

  2. jumpsuits are made for you!!!
    looove all this photos! the blue hour ones with you in black and the old theater - and those earrings! wonderful that you have such a great concert culture at your fingertips.
    and the stroll in the park looks sooo tranquil and your colorful but soft ensemble fits right in with that mood. the park is indeed very old europe - i guess they brought the artwork from italy - such styles i saw in venice :-)
    anya has the very best mother ever! and she knows it :-)
    huge hugs and a wonderful weekend with your sweet family! xxxxx

  3. ohhhh, so lovely post!. First, you look gorgeous and particularly elegant in your black jumpsuit, I love its neckline and also love your earrings!
    And such fabulous garden, all those flowers, details and beautiful landscapes, it looks amazing. And you look really comfy and cool wearing your floral jumpsuit with that tapestry coat, it's an unexpected combo but it Works nicely and I like it!
    Glad you enjoyed Mother's Day, and so moving that your girl wrote you a letter!, she's lovely!

  4. Huhu Natalia, happy birthday to you.. happy birthday dear Natalia!
    Much love and big hug, Tina

  5. First of all, of course, Happy Birthday Natalia! Have a wonderful, wonderful day! Oh my, that black jumpsuit is utterly fabulous, and it looks stunning on you! I am very taken with that fire escape, and Lakewold Gardens are magnificent. xxx

  6. Happy Birthday to you!!! Jumpsuits rock and you look fantastic in yours.
    Stunning architecture. My favourite photo has to be the rolled up umbrella propped up next to the flower bed. How I love it when the rain finally stops and you can take your brolly down. Makes you really appreciate the sunshine. xxx

  7. Happy Birthday and belated mother's day! I adore the way you combined that floral jumpsuit with the printed coat and enamel necklace! So eclectic and fabulous!
    Love the photos of the theatre where the concert was ans the detail shots are so creative, the striped umbrella near that glistening aqua water!
    The black jumpsuit is divine, what a great alternative to a dress!
    xx, Elle

  8. Oh, you look so beautiful in your black jumpsuit, dearest Natalia!
    I thought first it would be an evening dress! Very noble - and the marvelous earrings, a fantastic combination! Also the venue looks great - and the fire station is indeed a very special!
    Casual chick your second ensemble - the flower pattern and the stripe pattern fit together well. The garden is a beautiful ambience. I am glad that you have spent your Mother's Day so pleasantly and have received such lovely lines from Anya. For all of us, you are an inspiration, by the way!
    Lots of hugs, Traude

  9. Happy Birthday dear Natalia , you look just wonderful in your jumpsuits, both the the casual and more dressy version. The concert sounds really special, so pleased it was such a treat for you, the theatre is quite a grand building, the fire stairs remind me of a harp.The visit to the gardens is just up my street , they are really beautiful, maybe one day we can view them together.

  10. I'm a big fan of classical music too. I learned to love it because my best friend is a violin player and she would always invite me (and my family) to her concerts...and to classical music concerts in general. I suppose I have her to thank for my love of opera as well. I'm not as knowledgeable about classic music as I would like, but I greatly enjoy a good performance. Live music is always a special experience. Two days ago I attended a concert from one Croatian singer Jacques Houdek. I was really impressed because he also sang traditional Slavonian songs, something I didn't know he could do. Recently he did this song where he mixed opera with pop and he said he won't sing it again because it's so hard (vocally) but when some kid from the audience asked him to do it, he sang the chorus for him. That was really sweet!

    You look stunning in both of these jumpsuits. Perfect styling!!!!

  11. so sweet that Anya wrote you a letter in Russian and said you inspired her. Children can be so incredibly wise and insightful. :)